eJust Systems received notice that a sizeable number of wordings will be changing because of Bill C-45 and Bill-46. Some of this legislation comes into force on October 17th 2018 and the balance comes into force on December 18th 2018. Also, several charge wordings are under a new statute “CA – Cannabis Act”.

This will require the following changes to your criminal wording database:


  • 7 retired charge wording records
  • 33 new charge wording records


  • 101 retired charge wording records
  • 69 new charge wording records

Note that there are further changes coming under the “CCA – Cannabis Control Act, 2017” that will be loaded into eWordsOnline when the revisions to Provincial Bill 36 receives Royal Assent. We will send out another notice when those wordings are available for viewing on eWordsOnline.
Be advised that we will be contacting each agency to arrange a time to load the new wordings into your system. They will be available to the eJust-CMS application and viewable in the next day or so through eWordsOnline. A listing of the new and changed wordings is attached to this correspondence.

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