Below are some of the most common questions we get asked. We have divided them into General and Technical questions. Please just click on a question to expand. Feel free to contact us with questions or to request a demo.

General FAQs

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eJust-CMS is priced using a subscription model. Our application is a cost/time saving tool that reduces the total number of resources required for case preparation and disclosure. The cost of our application is proven to be more than made up for in the savings realized by our customer sites.
Savings to individual agencies can range from 55% to 65% depending on the pre-implementation condition of the site. These savings include staff time while performing daily tasks as well as hard cost savings on items such as paper and toner. Larger agencies can potentially save $100,000 to $300,000 annually in printing costs alone. These figures are backed up by several studies as well as experience with results observed at a number of existing customer agencies.
eJust-CMS is straightforward to implement. We work closely with new customer sites to assist in initial configuration, re-alignment of business processes and end to end integration from police rms to prosecution case management system. We also look after server installation and configuration thus requiring very few local IT resources. This can often be accomplished in as little as a few days.
eJust Systems provides administrator, train-the-trainer and helpdesk training for user sites along with a comprehensive series of training and user documents, which you can then customize for your individual needs if required. We can also supply a variety of support models ranging from basic business hour support to full 24/7 support depending on your business needs.
Yes, the eJust-CMS application is evergreen in that it is continually evolving and being improved based on customer requests, changing business needs and changes in technology.
The output from eJust-CMS consists of a site-configurable rolled-up, page-numbered, indexed, hyperlinked fullcase.pdf brief, an XML datafile to populate a prosecution case management system, and all digital assets (e.g. audio/video) required for prosecution.
This is a unique feature of eJust’s application and one of its major strengths. eJust-CMS logs the data transferred from the police RMS into our application. As a result, the application can determine what data is existing, updated or new. eJust-CMS has the functionality to allow the user to produce and disclose only content that is updated or new, thus eliminating duplicate disclosure to prosecution. We also generate a memo to Crown that outlines what is included in the additional disclosure package and the reason why it’s being disclosed (i.e. new disclosure, updated statement, added witness etc.)
eJust-CMS is capable of integrating seamlessly with any prosecution case management system to allow for full, end-to-end electronic disclosure from police to prosecution.
eJust-CMS will work with you to ensure that all of your digital assets can be disclosed along with the rest of your case. We have a track record of developing solutions to meet our customers digital asset requirements.
eJust-CMS has separate police and prosecution redaction modules which allow police personnel to vet the brief prior to sending to prosecution and prosecution to vet the brief from within the police application so that police are aware of what content is being vetted by prosecution. This redaction is accomplished using standard Adobe redaction tools.
eJust-CMS has built in business rules that prevent users from making common errors and prohibit the sending of disclosure to prosecution when critical content is missing.
eJust-CMS has full logging and tracking of what content has been created, printed and disclosed to prosecution, by whom and when.


eJust-CMS is deployed as a standalone server installed at the police agency using an “appliance” model. Our pre-configured server can either be deployed as a physical server or as virtual machine (VM) leveraging existing virtualization infrastructure.
The application runs on Linux operating system (Redhat) and uses IBM relational database to store its data. Users connect to the application using a combination of browser based interface and thin application client.
The client software required to access the application is very simple and quick to deploy. Since the application runs on the server, there are no business rules installed on the workstations so software updates rarely require updates to the client. The software can be deployed using your existing management software solutions (i.e. Radia or SMS) with scripted silent installs.
eJust-CMS utilizes industry standard Adobe PDF format for most of its generated content. Disclosure collected by the investigation that cannot be converted to PDF format (i.e. video or audio) is retained in its original format and uses the default application on the workstation for viewing.
eJust-CMS leverages the pre-existing data that is collected by Police and stored in their existing records management system (RMS). There is an on-demand data exchange (push) from RMS to eJust-CMS to simplify the creation of cases.
eJust-CMS has worked with several different prosecution case management systems over the last 15+ years and has extensive experience with sending electronic case information to external destinations. We work with local prosecution technical staff to utilize secure file transfer protocols to encrypt the data from end to end (police to prosecution) and have extensive logging to track package delivery.
Yes. eJust-CMS leverages industry standard tools for redaction such as Adobe Acrobat Pro. There is a specific module to manage the publication and redaction of disclosure packages created by eJust-CMS. All of this activity is tracked and logged in history.
Yes. Our web client and desktop client both are SSO enabled and integrate with your existing active directory (AD) services.
Yes. Traffic between the client running on the workstation and the server is encrypted thru a secure SSH tunnel.
Yes. eJust-CMS has a sophisticated user/group security module to control access to functions and activities within the application. This security module utilizes group level security as well as user specific security at the event level.
Yes. We keep detailed transaction history logs stored on the case. This tracks history of all documents generated as well as disclosure submission.
eJust-CMS uses standard printer control language (PCL) and Postscript (PS) to generate print versions of the output. We have tested and successfully used many different printers, PCL enabled MFC devices. Minimum requirement for printers is that they support PCL, have two trays (legal/letter) and duplex print.
Authorized eJust support staff use the customers existing secure VPN software to remotely access and administer the server and application. Access to the server is controlled by technical staff at the agency and eJust -CMS staff will connect upon request.
Yes. eJust-CMS will setup a separate training/test system for end user training.