Police could delay some arrests to adapt to new time frames for court cases

Calgary police officers may have to start delaying some arrests until more information is collected in certain cases, according to Chief Roger Chaffin. The police chief said in a recent interview with Postmedia that while officers won’t hesitate to take … Continue Reading

Measuring Value in a Modern Police Organization

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Justice on Trial: The inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in the Canadian criminal justice system

Canada’s criminal justice system is a vast and complex machine with numerous players whose actions or inactions impact each other: The courts, the police, corrections, and legal professionals. For those Canadians who are exposed to it, whether as victims or … Continue Reading

Crime rates are falling. So why has Canada had the same number of police officers for years?

The strength of Canadian police forces has remained constant for years, even as crime rates fall steeply, data released by Statistics Canada shows. Canada has had just under 70,000 police officers since 2009, a number that has grown slowly from … Continue Reading