Ontario Criminal eIntake

eJust Systems is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Ministry of the Solicitor General, Ontario Court of Justice and Ministry of the Attorney General to provide the functionality enabled by the Criminal eIntake project to our valued … Continue Reading

Adult criminal and youth court statistics in Canada 2017-18

This report released by Statistics Canada indicates that the time needed to complete a charge is down in adult criminal court, but up in youth court. It also indicates that fewer cases and charges are completed in adult criminal and … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

In a case that made Canadian legal history, Ontario man convicted of impaired operation of a canoe

It was late afternoon in April 2017 when police dispatch received a report of a drunk man stumbling around on a freeway ramp in Ontario’s cottage country. … Continue Reading

Bill C-75 receives Royal Assent

Bill C-75, which aimed to modernize the criminal justice system and reduce court delays in judicial proceedings, received Royal Assent on June 21st. … Continue Reading

Senators amend justice bill to push for harsher sentences for domestic violence against Indigenous women

A Senate committee has passed amendments to the government’s massive criminal justice legislation, Bill C-75, including changes that would require judges to consider harsher sentences for domestic violence against Indigenous women. … Continue Reading

With a few weeks left in the session, here’s what’s left to pass

MPs return to Parliament Hill Monday, giving them four weeks until the House of Commons likely adjourns for the final time before the election campaign begins. … Continue Reading

New Criminal Wordings for eJust-CMS

eJust Systems received notice that a sizeable number of wordings will be changing because of Bill C-45 and Bill-46. Some of this legislation comes into force on October 17th 2018 and the balance comes into force on December 18th 2018. … Continue Reading

Police-Reported Crimes in 2017

On July 23, 2018, Statistics Canada released a report and infographic related to police-reported crimes in Canada in 2017. … Continue Reading

Marijuana legalization Bill C-45 officially passes Senate vote, heading for royal assent

The Senate has voted to accept the latest version of the government’s long-debated legal marijuana legislation, paving the way for the bill to pass into Canadian law. … Continue Reading

B.C. police fear shorter deadlines, spiking costs are the ‘new normal’ after Supreme Court ruling

Amid the continuing fallout from the R. v. Jordan Supreme Court decision, some police forces say they are now watching costs as pressure mounts for officers to complete investigations faster. … Continue Reading

Alberta MAG institutes Duty Counsel at Bail Hearings

The government is introducing duty counsel services at first appearance bail hearings to reduce court backlogs and help Albertans understand their rights. Read the full article on Alberta.ca.

Legal marijuana deadline may be up in smoke as Tory senators stall bills

You may think that you will be able to buy marijuana legally as of July 1. You should think again. Read the full article on the Globe and Mail.    

Judges denounce ‘egregious’ delays at one of Canada’s busiest courthouses

In less than two years, 21 narcotics cases in Brampton have collapsed. Judges and defence lawyers point to problems in the federal prosecution office. … Continue Reading

‘Failing everyone’: 204 cases tossed over delays since Supreme Court’s Jordan decision

More than 200 criminal cases across the country have been tossed due to unreasonable delays since the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark Jordan decision one year ago, court data shows. … Continue Reading

Ottawa calls meeting of justice ministers to deal with Jordan ruling fallout

The federal government will convene a meeting of Canada’s justice ministers later this month to discuss how to deal with fallout caused by last year’s controversial Supreme Court ruling aimed at limiting trial delays. … Continue Reading

How to Reduce the cost of Policing

In the following article, Ray Zarb, Manager of Consulting Services at eJust Systems Inc. discusses how to reduce the cost of policing. … Continue Reading

Police resources in Canada, 2016

The changing nature of society, the economy, and technology has created new challenges for police services as they adapt their responsibilities in crime prevention, law enforcement, public assistance and maintenance of public order. The economics of policing and community safety … Continue Reading

Courts shaken by search for solutions to delays

Interesting editorial from Globe and Mail regarding R v. Jordan court delays. … Continue Reading

Managing digital evidence is not the complete answer

In the following article, Ray Zarb, Manager of Consulting Services at eJust Systems Inc. discusses managing and disclosing digital evidence. … Continue Reading

Huh? Aren’t They Already Using Evidence?

Subtitled “A short Intro to Evidence-Based Policing”, this cover story appears in the Winter 2016/17 issue of H.Q. Magazine. … Continue Reading