Services We Provide

Business process solutions

Based on our experience in assisting police services with their electronic disclosure requirements, we are cognizant that the vast majority of business processes are similar across most police services. Although there are similarities, there are also gaps that account to inefficient business processes which generate lost financial and time savings.

eJust Consulting Services is positioned to assist your public safety agency with specific business improvements to take advantage of technology opportunities.


Vendor selection for a new technology

eJust Consulting Services understands that public safety business environments are unique. We will work with you to develop what is needed to meet your requirements. To ensure that a sound decision is made in major technology expenditures, eJust will assist as a 3rd party in selecting and preparing internal team members, developing an evaluation model and selection criteria, eliciting and evaluating vendor responses, deciding on a short list of vendors, and narrowing the list to a finalist.

We ensure that integration with existing systems and infrastructure and compatibility with your system architecture are included in all supplies. We make sure your RFP or RFI will compel vendors to disclose pros and cons of proposed solutions, all options for buying or leasing, installation and maintenance issues and the total cost of ownership. We will also review and condense vendor submissions into a summary matrix of key decision factors to facilitate the evaluation of vendor responses.

Our staff will attend all vendor presentations and demonstrations to assist with clarification of your questions relating to system installation, operations and maintenance.


IT Reviews

Part of our strength is having advisors that have the knowledge base to conduct IT reviews within the public safety environment. We specialize in:


  • Project Management
  • Enterprise architecture resource planning
  • Security reviews
  • IT Infrastructure and improvement needs
  • IT Internal Audits